000  *H 01 0 UGB10U Manchester1!0U University of Manchester10U Manchester Computing10U EUROGRID CA1'0% *H  eurogrid-ca@eurogrid.org0 030718122848Z 040201000001Z01 0 UGB10U Southampton1"0 U University of Southampton1)0'U  Electronics and Computer Science1604U-EUROGRID NJS Southampton Development Globus B1"0  *H  dan@ecs.soton.ac.uk00  *H 0Nw]rݯؼ;*V##ӎXJفfFQw;?#` 0 \>a{ .4-Wc"6YN XW,[t.c < $18040 U00 U0U%0++0U_A2pU b ng ݗ#0U0dan@ecs.soton.ac.uk0;U40200.,*http://www.eurogrid.org/ca/eurogrid-ca.crl0* `HBhttp://www.eurogrid.org/ca/0& `HBeurogrid-ca-policy.html0 `HB This certificate was issued by the EUROGRID Certification Authority (EG-CA) of the EUROGRID Project (based at Manchester Computing, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK). The key owner's identity was authenticated in accordance with the EG-CA Policy.0+b unicoreNJS0  *H ӜCV̄AHqt4 B Thl)e!Y:F}8o(7qR'dWVa>9t)p:^#`w*|3u1ϩD%wCP;r|WRL\קc#i:(z}m='ܘal?%ٿGM~W5Lf؝16s |٦