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Folie 2

Folie 3

HPC Centres
Contribute to the acceleration of scientific discovery, by the use of information technologies
Provide high performance supercomputing environments for dealing with science’s more challenging problems.
Act as a technology transfer agent between R&D in information technologies, and computational science

Targets for HPC in next decade
Capture more physics in the simulation of complex systems
Complex systems are characterized by multiple time and/or length scales
Not easy to capture multiple scales in one code
Code coupling for multi-physics applications is viable alternative in some conditions
This leads naturally to computational grids
Heterogeneous algorithms map naturally to heterogeneous grids.

Project motivations and strategies
Focus on heterogeneous, very high performance supercomputing environments.
Use of grid technologies to provide a unified image and a transparent access to such environments
Deploy an application testbed across Europe by the integration of partner’s HPC environments
Provide a major effort to develop and deploy distributed scientific applications (EUROGRID is roughly 2/3 applications development, 1/3 technology development)

EUROGRID middleware
MPI (scientific standard, soon interoperable)
CORBA - JAVA (internet standard, has significant software engineering advantages, but not yet fully adapted to performance focused complex applications).
… (others)

UNICORE partners
Forschungezentrum Julich (FZJ, project leader)
Rechenzentrum Universitat Stuttgart (RUS)
Deutscher Wetterdienst Offenbach (DWD)
Konnrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (ZIB)
Leibniz Rechenzentrum Munchen (LRZ)
Rechenzentrum Universitat Karlsrhue (RUKA)
Padenborn Center for Parallel Computing (PC2)
Technische Universitat Dresden (TUD)
Pallas GmbH Bruhl (Pallas)
Fecit, subcontractor to Pallas

UNICORE develops a seamless, secure, intuitive software infrastructure to HPC resources
Provides consistent batch access to heterogeneous remote systems …
… with minimal intrusion into the Centers
Supports multi-site and multi-systems applications for one job
Exploits existing and emerging technologies

Folie 10

UNICORE Plus Project (2000 - 2002)
Resource Modelling (ZIB, Berlin)
Data Management Enhancements (RUS, Stuttgart)
Extended Job Control (DWD, Offenbach)
Application Specific Interfaces (FRZ, Julich)
Co-sheduling (PC2, Paderborn)
MPI and PACX integration (RUS, Stuttgart)
Vampir extensions (TUD, Dresden)
Advanced administration (FRZ, Julich)

WP1 : Bio-Grid  (ICM leading partner)
Computation portal to bio-molecular applications
Build interfaces to well known bio-molecular applications, simplify access to databases.
Integrate interfaces within EUROGRID software.

WP2 : Meteo Grid  (DWD leading partner)

WP3 : CAE Grid  (EADS leading partner)
Focuses on industrial CAE applications
Code coupling and multi-physics optimisations to improve system design.
ASP - type services :
User interfaces to hide the complexity of HPC systems to industrial users
Supercomputing as an e-business : accurate cost prediction of CAE simulations

WP4 : HPC-GRID  (IDRIS leading partner)
Targets :
The establishment, by the HPC centres partners of EUROGRID, of an application testbed  for general purpose HPC distributed applications
The installations and tests of EUROGRID software releases
The development of new relevant GRID applications, using existing middlewares, in scientific areas not covered by WP1 to WP3.


WP4 : some prospects on applications
Interactive monitoring and steering of complex simulations (running in batch mode), using JAVA - CORBA technology.
Coupling of atmospheric and hydrological models
Fluid-structure coupling for space propulsion
Direct numerical simulation of turbulent combustion.
…many others to come in the area of electrodynamics, material sciences, quantum chemistry, ...

WP5 : Technology developments
Efficient file transfer (FECIT leading partner)
Optimisations of transfer bandwidth and cost
Fail-safe and encripted transfer
Overlap of transfer and processing
Emphasis on quality of service.
Resource broker (UoM leading partner)
Must handle static and dynamic information to match the user’s computational requirements
Builds on CSAR past experience.

WP5 : Technology developments
ASP infrastructure (DEBIS leading partner)
Supercomputing as an e-business?
Build browser-based job submission GUI
Build tools for cost-estimation, accounting and Web-based billing of services.
Interactive access  (Parallab leading partner)
Deals with all kinds of issues related to simulation steering by visualized output.
Integrate these facilities in EUROGRID software.

WP6 :  (Pallas leading partner)
Maintain working versions of EUROGRID software
Integrate domain specific extensions (WP1 to WP4) and new technology (WP5).
EUROGRID 0.0 :   UNICORE today
Data transfer, application couplings, interactive access
Resource broker, ASP infrastructure
EUROGRID 2 :    final version

Conclusions :
Integration of modern grid software technologies in European supercomputing infrastructures
Major effort in distributed application development in science and technology