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The EUROGRID project used the proven GRID infrastructure UNICORE, originally developed for the leading German supercomputer centres.

The UNICORE GRID system consists of three distinct software tiers: 

  • clients interacting with the user and providing functions to construct, submit and control the execution of computational jobs, 

  • gateways acting as point-of-entry into the protected domains of the HPC centres, and finally 

  • servers that schedule and run the jobs on the HPC platforms that they control. 

All components are written in Java, and the protocols between the components are also defined using Java mechanisms. The system emphasizes strong authentication and data security relying on X.509 certificates and SSL. The server uses contains platform-specific incarnation databases to adapt to the multitude of current HPC systems, with the other components being designed for portability.

Everyone can freely test the functionality of the UNICOREpro client on the dedicated UNICORE Test Grid.
The Unicore software sources, binaries, documentation and some extensions developed in the EUROGRID project are available on the UNICORE project site at SourceForge.
The plugins developed in the Bio GRID work package of the EUROGRID project are available at the ICM Bio-GRID web site.
The Resource Broker developed in the EUROGRID and GRIP projects is available at
Additional information on UNICORE is available on the Website of the Unicore Forum.

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